Contact person
Miriam Magri
Loris Bonetti
Paola Gobbi
Giovanni Muttillo
Anna Castaldo (External Member)

The Research commission for the current year will continue to pursue the diffusion of nursing care based on gthe best effectiveness tests. . We will reinforce our collaborations with national partners (APS, Association of Friends House of Charity, Auser, Milan Centre for Food Law and Policy, Slow Medicine, Liberati Association) and international partners (RNAO, Royal College of Nursing).
Our crowning achievement for 2016 is to become BPSO Host for RNAO, firstly with the collaboration of the San Raffaele Hospital and Vita and Salute San Raffaele University, identifying and grouping together other centres in the national area. .
The commission plans to hold a training session with RNAO members and direct BPSO contact people to start the implementation of guidelines in the identified direct BPSOs.
In collaboration with the International Exchange Commission, it will work for the development of the scientific part of our study holidays in London, working to establish contacts with members of the RCN, with the aim of exchanging information on the development of the profession in the two contexts and identify any developments of international multi-centre research. .
The meetings of the journal club will be concluded and will be completed the APS research project (psycho-sociological analysis research) aimed at the development of organisational models for continuity of care will be completed.
The commission undertakes to write and transmit reports to the companies involved in the “ACT” study and to disclose the “ACT” research results by organising a conference and through the publication of scientific articles in our media outlet, but also sending them to indexed journals, mostly with impact factor.