Private practice/freelance and third sector

Contact person
Maurizio Neri
Mario De Cesare
Miriam Magri
Giovanni Muttillo
Anna La Torre
Daou Boubacar (External Member)

The commission continues the free consultancy to IPASVI college members about freelance and professional insurance aspects.
There are various educational refresher and awareness events on freelance professional in collaboration with University of Milan and with the publication of articles about professional freelancers.
The Commission also intends to establish a working group monitoring the development of the profession in order to protect the freelances from exploitation by third parties, countering the decrease in rates and counteracting unfair competition at a local level.
Moreover, the Commission intends to establish a network among companies providing nursing services in the territory to offer proposals on a regional level that promote the self-employment development, which could lead to more job opportunities for nurses, a greater protection, and could raise awareness in both users and professionals about the proper economic recognition of their performance.