Leadership and coordination functions

Contact person
Claudio Valente
Francesco Fanari
Maria Vittoria Madaschi
Miriam Magri
Giovanni Muttillo

The commission supports managers and coordinators through various initiatives such as specific meetings, it provides answers to questions, it makes materials available and it encourages professional contacts to meet the several requests .. . . received within the organisation, training, regulatory, legal scope. Moreover, the commission carries out its activities through ongoing synergies with the Nursing Managers Committee of Lombardy.

Relationships with CID
The purpose is to enhance the professional contribution of managers and coordinators sharing the same point of view, based on the mutual cooperation between IPASVI College and Nursing Managers Committee.

Youth project
The group continues its activities in favour of graduants with information/training initiatives, in particular towards the new graduate currently unemployed, encouraging their participation in training courses on easy terms and/or free of charge.
Initiatives through which the Collegio comes in contact with graduants and new graduates are continuously developed (conferences on freelance profession, students of the third year of the program received in the Collegio, the graduates of welcome initiatives of new graduates, etc…). On such occasions the proposed initiatives aimed at their active participation are countless, such as publishing articles, participating in working groups, organising training courses, experimenting as trainers, etc… Not least, among the organised initiatives there is the opportunity to share paths and references to perform a professional experience abroad with the commission contact people. In cooperation with the Research Commission, it is drawing up a competition announcement to value and reward those dissertations that stood out for their special interest, quality, originality and professional relevance.