Image promotion and international exchanges

Contact person
Paola Gobbi
Paola Dall'Occo
Miriam Magri
Giovanni Muttillo
Chiara Rivoli
Anna La Torre
Cristina Scala
Elisa Crotti (PR Consultant)
Simona Mapelli (External Member)

The two commissions will continue their work in cooperation with other relevant commissions, in the wake of what has  been done over the past years.
We plan to organise and/or participate in events involving nurses with artistic and/or sports talent, identified through the network of "The IPASVI of the talents".
Focus groups with colleagues who work or have worked in foreign countries and meetings with agencies offering job opportunities abroad will be organised.
. The collaboration with professional associations, voluntary organisations and citizens, for the promotion of the culture of health will be reinforced. .Initiatives to encourage national and international nursing cultural exchanges will be implemented. Specifically,  a study tour in  London lasting 3-4 days will be organised in November,  at the same time as the 100thanniversary conference of the Royal College of Nursing’s foundation. Periodic meetings with international institutions such as the International Council of Nursing (ICN), European Association of History of Nursing (EAHN) and University of Canada (Professor Carnivale) are included.
. The Working Group on the Code of Ethics and professional Conduct  is developed within the commissions in order to encourage critical reflection on the ethical and conduct aspects.The training sessions will go on - through the analysis of ethical cases - in different locations and at the same time meetings with colleagues who had participated in the focus groups in the past will be organised.