CME System Training

Contact person
Maria Vittoria Madaschi
Laura Aletto
Giuseppe Baietta
Paola Dall'Occo
Anna La Torre
Miriam Magri
Giovanni Muttillo
Maurizio Neri
Giuliana Pieraccini
Cristina Scala
Michela Trotta (Administrative Office)

The Refresher Commission considers  the professional training and continuing professional development as necessary elements for the maintenance of nursing figure in a health care organisation, which now looks more and more complex.
The ascertained ageing of population, new health care needs related to chronic pathologies, disability and the needs arising from the use of complex technology call for a careful response within training. These needs are also highlighted by the availability of economic resources under the rationalised system balances, which require proper management of health care costs for the new organisational arrangements imposed by the Reform of national health system.
The need to acquire not only high clinical skills and competences, but also skills concerning up-to-date, efficient organisational approaches stems from this situation. Such approaches should be capable of developing a good ability of interpersonal relationships within every Health Structure through the coordination and management of human resources (leadership & management).
Therefore, we will continue to promote the training activities aimed at the professional growth and development, according to the CME system, in compliance with the regional, national and EU directives.
This year the commission will  promote initiatives regarding courses on research methodology, professional aspects of the nurse in the ethical field and code of conduct, as well as themed seminars and conventions, without leaving out the courses dedicated to activities in critical areas, courses on professional responsibility, clinical management/ relational courses, courses in paediatric field, classes to expand the knowledge of the English language, courses dedicated to the freelance profession etc…
The Commission intends to strengthen the overall organisational culture of the nurse, his/her relational skills and those related to the improvement of the profession in general, interpreting those requirements in specific topics of the courses mentioned above.